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Solar energy for local development

Our business

Altergie proposes solar plant solutions to corporates and communities since 2009
Altergie is expert in developing, implementing and financing solar PV power plants.

Developing solar plants

The development phase of a PV project follows these four stages:

° Identifying potential sites
° Design & surveys
° Regulatory approval and permits
° Secure demand with an offtaker agreement

Production of photovoltaic electricity

Altergie manages its renewable power assets:

° Production monitoring & control
° Corporate and business management
° Suppliers and equipment guarantees


Our values

Altergie is resoluted to accelerate the energy transition to more sustainable supply modes implementing altervatives solutions.


We are dedicated to continuously acting in total transparency earning the trust and respect of all our stakeholders and partners.


We select thoroughly our projects in order to bring them to a successful end under the best possible conditions.


Our team shares a genuine passion and enthusiasm for sun power energies which
enable us to find solutions to address the constraint they face.


Sharing our skills and transferring our values is daily at the heart of our concerns.

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They trust us

For which we are grateful

Our expertise

Altergie manages solar plant either alone or in partnership

  • Belvesol B (Belvezet – Gard) : 4.35 MWc
  • Boyer-Jugy (Saône-et-Loire): 3.80 MWc
  • Merysol (Mery – Savoie) : 4.93 MWc
  • Soleprod 6 (Vendée) : 1.8 MWc
  • Soleprod 2 (Vendée) : 680 KWc
  • Distren (vendée): 2.4 MWc
  • Hauconcourt (Moselle): 14.4 MWc

Our partners

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